Collaboration John Moore Reimagined - Cambridge Satchel Company


Collaboration John Moore Reimagined - Trompe l'oeil  Knitwear collection.

In 2017 my partner Denis Murphy was working on an Art Fashion project to bring together key designers from the 1980s that encapsulated the DIY independent designer concept, with his business partner Chris Derham from London Trading Ltd. At the time I was finishing my masters in Textiles Innovation at The Royal College of Art and was keen to start a new project. They asked if I would like to design a knitwear collection that translated and reimagined the shoe designer John Moore Haboc concept and would help relaunch the archival John Moore shoe collection, which Chris had helped John  Moore develop and manufacture when he was alive.


Denis and I were Art students during the1980s in London, I studied Fine Art and Denis studied Fashion and Textiles at Central Saint Martins, the college at that time was still located in Soho, Charing X Road. Encapsulating the club scene in London, we were both regulars at the club 'Taboo' and hung out at the Soho Brasserie, Wag club and Cafe de Paris. It was without question an exciting project to be part of and related to a period in my life that had embedded itself in my own creative approach towards my work, the influences of Punk, Surrealism, Fashion Deconstructivism and Pop culture. The mid-1980s era of Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, HOBAC and the London club scene, set the tone for escapism from the constraints of Thatcherite Britain. 


For the Knitwear collection, I used deep colour tones, reminiscent of the House of Beauty and Culture at the time. I reconstructed reclaimed knitwear, stitching it together while focusing on the beauty of the imperfections of worn tears and holes, ladders. This gave the prints texture and historical context. Using photography and modern digital print technology, to create the knitted pattern placements and trompe l'oeil imagery, that I had previously developed for the last 30 years. through my brand Insideout


Coming from a family of artists and designers,( John Dove and Molly White ) where I was surrounded by pop images, giant sculptures and a world of textiles print. I have continued to translate this influence in my designs, with my obsession for the Surreal Trompe l'oeil image, and  Music Punk Rock'n'Roll ethos. 





Collaboration with George Cox  X John Moore Reimagined - John Moore shoes with creeper sole

2017 collaborated with the legendary shoe designer George Cox. Reimagining the John Moore shoe as a Creeper boot and Creeper shoe. This was a great opportunity to recapture my youth. I remember buying creepers back in the 1980s. Shopping in the King's Road Worlds End. Kensington Market was a treasure trove of footwear. To be able to design a pair with George Cox was amazing.